Frank Zappa: Will That Be An Aisle Or A Window? (Cartoon)


In the 90s, I came across a Frank Zappa imported “picture disc” CD — I think it was at Boogie Woogie in Sarasota, FL. It contained an interview from September 1984 that became scripture for me. Since then, I’ve listened to it as inspiration for “getting my shit together.” It’s one of my favorite audio clips of anything, ever. I’ve sent it to countless people I’ve worked with, because it expresses the ideal D.I.Y. Lemonade-Stand-Capitalist work ethic.

But let me tell you the real reason I made this video: because I hate San Diego Comic Con. It’s a consumerist pseudo-event that commodifies “geek culture.” I have a LOT more to say about that in a future essay, but for now, I want you to know that I believe wholeheartedly that Comic Con should be destroyed.

And what does Comic Con have to do with this video?

While everyone was off buying things, I committed myself to staying home all weekend and learning a new skill: Animation. I did it simply as Revenge.

That’s how I think.

And what better way to celebrate the rejection of mainstream mass-hypnosis than to bring Frank Zappa’s wisdom back to life — and feed it to the generation of impatient fools who are unable to comprehend spoken word without accompanying visuals? It was an act of devotion to in my ongoing self-question: “Are You A Creator or a Consumer?”

It took me 10 days to animate. I hired Stephen Cox to write an original score inspired by pieces from The Yellow Shark. He went on vacation to Mexico for a week, then came back and turned it around in one day. Thank you for your magic, Mr. Cox!

I’d also like to thank fake ex-Zappa Drummer Anthony White for his suggestion that my animated Frank should wear the PIPCO shirt from Lumpy Gravy. It (and the hairstyle) didn’t fit the era, but it was an attractive visual and complimented the blurry UMRK backdrop.

You can also watch the video in HD on Vimeo.

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