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3 Creative Young Bands I Just Found Out About

I posted a question on Facebook: “music nerds — who are your favorite young musicians?” I then had to clarify: “are there any young bands playing fun prog rock? Where is the 20 year old Mats / Morgan or Rush?” 

Out of a couple dozen suggestions, here are three that grabbed my attention. It seems lots of kids are, right now, gravitating towards electronic loops and hotel lobby jazz / R&B. And that’s OK, but I prefer a heavier rock flavor. (Also, maybe not surprising, all of these examples are female-centric. I often like female contributions to music. It brings a different creative energy.) 

Let’s get to listening / watching. Here they are: 


Suggested by Dave Grossman. Lots of abrupt changes here, stops and starts. A little too jangly for my own tastes, but fresh and unusual! This video has a ton of views on YouTube, which surprised me.  

Anna Meredith

Revealed to me by Reiner Loopik. This is the sort of thing that excites me — unusual instrumentation! Cello, Tuba, Clarinet, Glockenspiel. Out of the three examples, this one inspired me the most. I’d love to have a band like this.  

Julie Slick

Also referred by Dave Grossman. At about 6 minutes in, that heavy bass tone grabbed me, reminded me of what it was like to play super loud in a band. 

If you’d like to share any more, post them as a comment, when I get the comments to work. I’ll check them out.


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