DesignerCon 2022 (Photos)

I attended DesignerCon 2022 in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, November 19, 2022. Here are some of my favorite people and pieces! Also a full gallery and some links at the bottom. (Still working on adding everyone.) Thanks to all the great artists and creators for sharing their work!

PS – the main image is by Strange Cat Toys / Abominable Toys.

Bobby The Baphomet by Zintears / Strange Cat Toys
An assortment of offerings from Strange Cat Toys
Cool sculptures / figures by The Monstors
Poster Art by Matt Ryan
Videos and Plushies by Fiends and LeeAnna Vamp!
Kelly Toki’s Cuticult
Creepy nail accessories by Kelly Toki’s Cuticult
Colorful illustrations by Los Fokos
Amber Aki Huang / DeerCat & Friends
Breaker by Alex Pardee
GIANT nightmarish jack-o-lantern thing by Alex Pardee
This is pretty nuts: Handmade Paper Art
Illustrator / Artist Kai Martin
This is a unique theme: Cy-Fi Cycling Club
He-Man on a little bicycle by Cy-Fi Cycling Club
Not Today Jesus by DangerBot

And here’s the entire gallery…


Bobby The Baphoment / Strange Cat Toys

Matt Ryan

The Monstors

Fiends / LeeAnna Vamp

Los Fokos

Alex Pardee

Handmade Paper Art

Kai Martin

Jayme Brandt / Cy-Fi Cycling Club


Amber Aki Huang / Detract & Friends


Wizard Guts

Satellite Soda


Brian Ewing

Heavy Cream


Abominable Toys

Serifs And Whiskey

Brian Reedy

Andres Alfonso


Wizard Cleave

Kono’s Marshmallows

Freaking Ding Bat

Dirty Donny

Speculative Fiction

Michael Morse

Robert Xavier Burden

If I missed anything or made an error, let me know!

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