Ep. 66 – Chat With Chewbode: Part 3 (Let’s Destroy The Music Industry)

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Just a couple of Carl King The Human Updates, and then we will officially get beginned. 

1 – Back in 2017, I made a Carl King album called Grand Architects of Universe. Along with it, I released a 3-hour documentary about my creative process — from humming melodies, to recording guitar and bass, to orchestration, to mixing the drums and working with the voice actors. At the end, it includes a 46-minute segment of Travis Orbin playing all of his drum parts, with clips of Mike Keneally, Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, and others doing their thing. Until now, it has only been available on VIMEO. But you can now watch the entire thing for free on my YouTube channel. YouTube.com/carlkingdom 

2 – Remember that Sir Millard Mulch How To Sell The Whole F#@!ing Universe To Everybody, Once And For All album? Did you know there was a real, printed 222-page book that went along it? Imagine a warped “Business Motivational Course” (more like a psychedelic manifesto) on Salesmanship, Creativity, and Esoteric Magic. This book is a kooky thing, equal parts Tony Robbins and The Unabomber.  And it’s also got complete lyrics, liner notes, and photos from the making of the record. Last week I fixed a few typos and posted it as a DOWNLOADABLE high-resolution PDF for $5 and up Patrons, inside my Patreon account. So head over there for an avalanche of angry, mystical gibberish. 

Today we’ve got PART 3 of my Chat With Chewbode, my longest-term friend and creative collaborator. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 or Part 2, go back to Episode 62, where we talk about becoming friends and growing up in the swamps of South Venice, Florida — and Episode 64, where we talk about attending Venice High School and How Education Failed Us. 

As a reminder, Chewbode has been involved in most everything I’ve made… he’s contributed to all of my Carl King, Sir Millard Mulch, and Dr. Zoltan projects. As far back as designing the cassette J-card for my first demo tape, all the way through to story-editing my latest animated pilot. In this multi-episode conversation, we tell the story of our 33-year friendship — from riding the school bus as teenagers, to dressing up in business suits and selling a fake invention in New York City. This is the story of two smart, creative kids who met in the swamps of South Venice, Florida, and made plans to escape. Part three begins now. 


And that’s the end of Part Three of my Chat With Chewbode. In Part Four, we’ll talk about what the heck happened, with that never released Sir Millard Mulch documentary. 


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