I’m Impressed by New Blackmagic Design URSA


Blackmagic Design have released a beautiful new camera, the URSA. It shoots 4K and can use my EF lenses, but that’s not what impresses me.

1.) There were a lot of complaints about their Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera being unwieldy bricks. Blackmagic: “No problem. Here ya go.” Far beyond expectations.
2.) A 10″ monitor that flops out, almost as big as the side of the camera itself? That’s so great it’s almost hilarious that no one has done it before. AND it has TWO other displays, one on each side? Insane.
3.) Can it also display waveform on the side display, or only histogram? Because I don’t like histogram. Phh.
4.) Only $6k? That’s nuts. Why can’t other manufacturers make their devices look this good? I suppose that’s where the “Design” part of their name comes from.

Now, if they can a.) actually ship their devices on time and b.) work as well as they look, I’ll buy one. (Don’t tell my wife.)


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