Mike Keneally: Sluggo! (2013 Re-Release)

I just got a box of Mike Keneally’s Sluggo! in the mail.

Here’s my initial commentary: Unbelievable. I don’t know what he’s doing with those chords. I loved his piano playing on Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1, but Sluggo has that same touch applied to a whole band. (Bryan Beller sounds wonderful on this as always). Mr. Keneally has a charming voice and the arrangements are complex. I’m somehow surprised to see that Toss Panos is on this record — he drummed with both Steve Vai and Kevin Gilbert (this album was probably being written at the time Kevin passed away, and there’s even a dedication in the sleeve to him). I’m skipping all over this CD, from track to track, in excitement. Joe Travers is on this, too, of course.

Thinking about what I was doing in 1997. Not discovering this recording, somehow!

Anyway, I’ve added it to my shop. So go get one! Use the discount code “sluggo” to get 10% off all orders (including this item). Expires Saturday, January 4.


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