PODCAST EPISODE 001: Dan Oster (MADtv, Titled Sketch Project) – SPECIAL 200th EPISODE!

WOW! Our 200th Episode.

Who better to celebrate it with, than the guy who was interviewed on it, comedian Dan Oster?

In this special episode, Dan talks about his experience on mainstream comedy television, teaches us some technique and theory behind sketch writing and celebrity impressions, and the launch of his own web series.

Dan Oster Interview

From his website:

You might best remember Dan from the bio that you are currently reading, Beyond that, he has worked as a cast member on the hit Fox television series MADtv and performed in Amsterdam with famed sketch/improv comedy theater Boom Chicago where he also acted as assistant director.

Dan is the driving force behind Titled Sketch Project, having conceived of it after noticing the water level rise every time he sat in his bathtub. According to legend, following this discovery, he ran down the street, dripping wet and without his clothes, shouting, “I’m naked! I’m naked!” That day, TSP was born.

A Los Angeles native, you can currently find Dan performing with fellow cast members Jen Burton and Lauren Flans in Lost Moon Radio, a brilliantly-written live sketch show and kindred comedic spirit to TSP. Dan is also one of the original members of The Improv Space theater, having been involved with them since 2000. He continues to perform and teach there whenever possible.

Among the things Dan is not proud of is the fact that he spent a year as a karaoke jockey and that he once had a guest appearance on ABC’s Hank.

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  1. Enjoyed the 200th episode; congratulations!

    I’d just like to mention:

    What Dan says about make-up art
    seems to be true
    of all art. Thank you.

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