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PODCAST EPISODE 004: Andy Alt (Interactive Marketing Director For Steve Vai)

It’s been discussed once or twice that marketing professionals are driven by money, will suggest artists do things that compromise their artistic integrity to sell a record and enjoy exploiting naive teenage demographics — right?

WRONG! Meet Andy Alt, Interactive Marketing Director for Steve Vai — who not only manages Steve’s online presence (website, works with leading technology partners, encourages two way communication through social media, videos, forum), but also creates his very own, heartfelt music in an artsy duo called Swimming In Trees. (Imagine somehow blending that “Indie Hipster From Silverlake” sound with Eddie Van Halen Guitar Shredding. Impossible? Listen to them and find out!)

It turns around Andy is as creative and philosophical as any abstract-minded artist, a self-taught multimedia wiz who uses any tool available to share his fun ideas. I’m not at all surprised Vai has partnered with him.

In this episode we talk about a new website he and Steve are starting called (coming soon!), a new hybrid instrument Andy has built, and what will get a guy like Andy to leave his creative fun (house) to go see other musical artists and what gets his attention.

From his website:

Andy Alt has brought his guitar playing into the music world of Los Angeles through live performance, recordings And film. He can Be heard on Fox’s “Back To You” TV Series, Epic Records’ “Shut Up Stella”, USA Television Network “Characters Welcome”, Music Research And Studio Recordings At Walt Disney/miramax Studios, Gina Schock through Interscope Records, Long-term Relationship (Feature Film).

He can be seen on YouTube Live opening up and playing with The Roots, The Black Keys, Poogie Bell, Clipse, Gina Schock Of The Gogos, Zack Wiesinger, Ashley Mendel Feat. Ben Kenney, Mia Sable, The Black Heartthrobs, Travisty Theory, Blitz The Ambassador, Becky (Keanu Reeves’ Post-dogstar Project), Joe & The Jungle, Tara Johnson, 2nd Day Crush, The Dirges & American Idol Finalists Shane Simon & Gina G.

Simultaneously, Andy has kept up his interest in innovating brands through concepts and marketing and is the founder of Bands and Brands. In his portfolio, you’ll find a diverse set of forward-thinking brands such as Ibanez, Guitar Center, Fender Musical Instruments, Guitar Center, Ovation/Adamas Guitars, Steve Vai, Favored Nations, Intel, Belkin, Sun Microsystems, PayPal, Lamps Plus, Simple Green, Bonne Bell,, St. Bernard Project, Zapzyt, Dixon Drums, Worst Case Scenario, University Games,, UCSD, Gibraltar, & Reunion Blues.

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  1. Carl, you are brilliant. Thank you for this opportunity. Anyone sitting in that chair would appreciate your amazing production facilities and your global talent in creating this show. I learned a lot about speaking and an equal amount about the effects of caffeine. I am grateful, thank you. -Andy

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