The Aristocrats: Tres Caballeros

The new CD & DVD from The Aristocrats is here!

The 3rd Full-Length Studio Album from The Aristocrats: Marco Minnemann, Bryan Bellar, and Guthrie Govan. Recorded in Hollywood. Has an orange coloration in the coveration.

I liked their previous records OK — they had great moments. But this one is REALLY good. Strange of me to say they’ve matured as a band, since all three of them are so good at what they do and have been doing it for decades. But it always seemed like something wasn’t quite developed about them as a “band” until now. When I saw them performing this material as a warm-up show it no longer sounded like a side project collaboration in any way. Now it’s a solid entity. Congratulations to The Aristocrats on their Tres Caballeros release.

“Tres Caballeros” Deluxe Edition includes the CD (with digital download) plus a bonus documentary DVD featuring interviews, in-studio footage, alternate studio takes, exclusive live concert footage of the band debuting the new material, and demos.


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