PODCAST EPISODE 003: Jymuloxx Cortribbonz (Director-Producer For Nickelodeon)


Who here doesn’t remember the 1980s show Real Gibbons on Nickelodeon? I’m not afraid to admit I still have a worn-out (and now autographed) VHS tape with the first 3 episodes, but still haven’t been able to find any clips on YouTube. Well, here’s the man who started it all. After 12 years of being inspired by his shows, I’m honored to present this candid interview with the temperamental director-producer, Jymuloxx Cortribbonz. Guess where Adult Swim got all their animation techniques? You guessed it.

4 thoughts on “PODCAST EPISODE 003: Jymuloxx Cortribbonz (Director-Producer For Nickelodeon)

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about Jymuloxx Cortribbonz. I’ve heard he takes a weird pride in strange acts, like putting glue all over his windows so that when it dries clear, it just looks nasty.

    And something about how he can’t understand Australian accents for anything. He literally thinks its a non-English language and he sues Australian interviewers if they don’t provide a translator.

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