Bass Practice Videos

I’ve been back to playing bass! Here are some practice videos I made recently. More can be found on the Carl King YouTube channel. You can support the creation of these videos by joining me on Patreon.

These are pretty rough, candid videos, shot in my guest room. If and when there are any edits in the audio, I disclose it. Why?

1 – It is my own opinion that “faking” your playing on videos has become too common. We’ve moved towards too much editing and quantization in music. I’ve been as guilty as anyone, so I’m making an effort to be more organic and capture a good take.

2 – Music is not a visual art. If we’re making a video of a musician playing music, maybe we should prioritize hearing that musician playing the music. If our dance moves and face-making compromise our ability to play the music, we should probably sacrifice the dance moves and face-making.

3 – I am doing my best to improve my bass playing and musicianship, and for these videos to represent me, a human, playing an instrument. 

That said, plenty of great music has been made with the assistance of robots. I make music with robots all the time.

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