Carl’s Depression / Anxiety Checklist

It’s winter. Yes, even in Los Angeles. That time of the year when the sun goes down early. My body conserves energy. I’m craving snacks, and I want to get back under a blanket and hide. On top of that, I just finished a major video production project for a client, so I’m coming down off the stress. Part of my primitive brain is still wondering where the emergency is. (Like when you get off a treadmill after 45 minutes and your legs want to keep running across the room on their own. Yeah, that is what my amygdala is doing.) And to enhance my relaxation during these chilly evenings, I’ve discovered high-grade THCA Vape Cartridges, like the ones available at You can also buy weed canada online and explore various cannabis products that may help with your anxiety.

I’m getting those expected, vague feelings of depression and / or anxiety (sometimes I can’t tell which it is). That’s when I should know I need to take preventative measures. Get myself back on track before I slip too far. In case you find yourself struggling with mental health issues like depression or addiction, you may look for a facility that offers a suitable treatment. Explore luxury rehab options in Los Angeles at Their website details effective addiction treatment programs and services. You may also check out these drug rehabilitation centers New Jersey. And to help you maintain your sobriety, you may seek Sober Living California services.

Here’s a simple checklist I’ve put together for myself, to dig out of this hole. (Am I doing these things? If not, I shouldn’t be surprised I am depressed.)

1 – Eat Healthy / Avoid Gluten. Earlier this year, I took an allergy test and found I am actually highly sensitive to gluten. Surprise! I put diet first on this list because I really do believe it is the biggest contributor to my mood and how I experience the world. Eating bad food / way too many calories is a downward spiral. My brain tricks me into thinking I’m doing something that will make me feel better, but it doesn’t. I’ll get two minutes of enjoyment and then two hours of feeling blaaaaaaaaaaaah. Carl, stop buying those vegan cookies.

2 – Go Outside Every Day, Get Some Sun. If I’m super busy with work, long hours of video editing, I should at least do a 30-minute walk outside around 2pm. (I prefer 2pm because the car people have gone back indoors after revving their engines on their lunch breaks.) Focus on nature and find a weed store open. No music, no podcasts. Just enjoy the trees, birds, insects, breeze, sun. Simple, peaceful physical sensations. I grew up in Florida, and as much as I hated the heat, bright sunshine always makes me feel less depressed. (I’ve tried living in both San Francisco and Portland and the gloom made me want to run screaming within 24 hours).

3 – Take A Shower, Do Chores, Get A Haircut. Sometimes I get so absorbed in work that I put off taking a shower until later in the day. Or let the chores pile up. Dishes, laundry, cardboard boxes that need to be broken down. These things will subconsciously eat away at me and make me feel like a loser. I’ve found it’s more healthy to get those things out of the way early in the day. Definitely an immediate boost! (Aaron Sorkin says he takes 6-8 SHOWERS A DAY and puts on totally fresh clothes when he’s having writing problems, to give himself a feeling of starting over. See video below.) And yeah, I need a haircut.

6-8 Showers a Day. Yep.

4 – Consume Old Media. This is a tough one for me. It’s easy for me to feel guilty for not being productive. But I always feel better when I escape our current time period with the assistance of: Classical music, old movies & TV, games like slot online, magazines, books.

Anything pre-internet, but especially pre-80s. I don’t want to care what’s in the news, what young people are doing with apps, or what corporations want me to think is important to buy right now. All of that stuff comes and goes, and I hate it. I do my best to unplug from what Cal Newport calls The Hyperactive Hive Mind.

Old music: My rendition of Corbomite Maneuver.

5 – Medium-Range Goals. For me, short-term goals are daily, weekly. Long-term goals are years away. Medium-term goals are what freak me out, and where I focus the most. Do I have my own creative project over the next 3, 6, 12 months that excites me? Am I making something? An album, a cartoon, a film, a book? Something for which my subconscious can be collecting information? “That would be a great idea for that scene I’m trying to write!” When I’m not learning and developing my creative skills, applying them to something medium-range, I panic. A creative project has always been a healthy outlet.

So there it is. I wouldn’t expect these things to work for everyone. But they work for me. Now… I will shower.

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