Join My Patreon Experiment?


I’m trying an experiment. I am trying to find 20 people to support my Patreon account for $5 each. I want to find out if I can get to $100 per month. As of right now (7/4/17), I am at $87.

At least once a month, I am going to publish an original Patreon-Only piece of music there. I mean something that I compose just for Patreon, not something I have on an old cassette from Nokomis, FL. It might be a new orchestral piece, or maybe a strange rock song. Maybe it’ll have some complicated drumming guest or some awful lyrics. We’ll see how Patreon works in helping me fund my compositional and recording activities.

I’ll also be posting some music analysis or instructional videos, and see how those go.

If interested in helping out, Sign up at

Thanks for reading. If you like this post, join me on Patreon.

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