Lalle Larsson’s Seven Deadly Pieces (Concert For Chamber Orchestra and Thrash Metal Band)


Some of you remember Lalle Larsson (sometimes spelled Lale Larson) from Electrocution 250 / Cartoon Music From Hell. Or from Sir Millard Mulch / Hemisphere III: Hermes. Or all that polyrhythmic piano work he did on the Dr. Zoltan CD. He’s played with Morgan Ågren, Jonas Reingold of Flower Kings, and even Shawn Lane.

Anyway, he’s a virtuoso pianist from Sweden, and in 2002 he presented this seven-movement concert for chamber orchestra and thrash metal band called Seven Deadly Pieces.

Until now, it was only available on DVDs stored in cardboard boxes somewhere in Europe.

I just made a deal with Lalle and he’s letting me release it through Vimeo-On-Demand. Which means you can rent or buy it instantly!

Go watch the trailer:

Lalle said, “I want you to approach this, not as a filmed live concert but more as though it were a painting. It’s important to see the whole ‘picture.'”

Hope you love it!


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