PODCAST EPISODE 011: Brendon Small (Dethklok: Metalocalypse, Home Movies, The Brendon Small Album)

Brendon Small

I recorded this podcast episode in late 2011 (over two years ago) with Brendon Small, and never even bothered listening to it or edited it until now. Not intentional, I just never got around to publishing more podcast episodes. Turned out to be a good one! This was back before his appearance in Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum: A Percussive Misadventure, and was the first time I had been to his home studio. We talked about audience torture, our high school experiences, and his (then) upcoming album, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon.


From his Wikipedia:

Brendon Small was the co-creator, writer, voice actor, composer and musician for Home Movies, a cartoon initially aired on the UPN television network and then moved to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The final episode of Home Movies aired on April 4, 2004, after running four seasons, although the show is periodically rerun on Adult Swim. In the series, he voiced the show’s protagonist, 8-year-old aspiring filmmaker Brendon Small, as well as a number of other characters. He is best known as the co-creator of the animated series Home Movies (along with Loren Bouchard) and Dethklok: Metalocalypse (along with Tommy Blacha) and as the creator of the virtual death metal band Dethklok. In April 2012 Small released his debut solo album, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon. The album featured Dethklok members Beller on bass and Hoglan on drums. Small described the album as a “high-stakes, intergalactic, extreme rock album” and described it as being similar to Dethklok but with more melodic vocals and rock elements.

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