That Monster Show (Original Score Album)

Hey Patreoneers and Non-Patreonators! 

That Monster Show (Original Score) is now fully-available on digital & streaming!

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I am also sharing high-resolution 24-Bit 48k downloads of the album for all Patreonilizers at the $5 AND UP tiers. But gimme a dang minute, because Dropbox is being a little impossible. One moment please. 

To get them, join my Patreon.

When you get them, you can turn them into FLACs or whatever the heck you complicated ear-mutant people do.

You’ll be able to hear all the detail I didn’t put into the music, without all those voice actors yacking their talents all over it.  

Personally, I do believe I hear a difference between 24/48 and regular old 16/44 and mp3. I will continue to believe that, because nowhere in the Bible does it say otherwise. But seriously, I think 24/48 sounds more filled-out and crisp. Lesser formats seem to be kind of thin and crunchy, but I am an old man who played in bands, and I say “WHAT’S THAT? I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!” a lot when my wife talks to me, so don’t trust my cranial microphones. (In all honesty, I went to an audiologist a few years ago when I was doing some important mixing, just to be sure, and they said my ears are fine. So…)

I hope you all enjoy this spooky album just in time for Halloween season. It has a lot of diminished chords and parallel minor sequences and theremin and church organ. Oh, and even some surf guitar and bongos, which you all know are truly terrifying. 

And if you haven’t watched the Pilot Episode:


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