That Monster Show: Special Features on Vimeo & Blu-Ray

Happy Halloween Season From The Real Carl King! 

That Monster Show Pilot Episode + Special Features

First of all, as you can see in the image above, THAT MONSTER SHOW Pilot is now available on Vimeo On Demand. OK, so it was already on YouTube for FREE, so what the heck is that about, The Real Carl King? 

Here’s what the heck it is about: if you get it through Vimeo On Demand($4.99), you will get special features. So far, TWO special features. My Director’s Commentary (30 minutes), plus the Music-Only Edit. Which means you can watch the show and only hear my musical score. Interesting?

That Monster Show: Music-Only Mix

More special features are in the works and will be added (but you’ll get them automatically in the future without having to buy it again). 

That Monster Show: Carl King Creator Commentary

Second, That Monster Show BLU-RAYS are getting here soon, for my Kickstarter and IndieGoGo Backers. A VERY LIMITED amount of them will be available for sale to regular humans. They include those 2 special features, plus autographed cards from each of the voice actors: Joanie Brosas, Cole Johnson, Dan Foster, Mark Borchardt, Julia Aks, Laila Berzins, and LeeAnna Vamp. You’ll be able to get them through CarlKingdom Shop at some point in the coming weeks.

Third, I am planning to release the That Monster Show Musical Score in digital and streaming formats in time for Halloween season, too. You’ll be able to get it through the usual places: Spotify, Apple Music, and of course my BandCamp. I’ll also post it as a 24/48 Download in my Patreon

Fourth, and this is merely a scientifically-verified rumor: I will be releasing a collaborative project with Mark Borchardt VERY SOON. Like, in the next week. There are some short video clips of Dan Foster and Julia Aks contributing their talents to the project inside my Patreon. Otherwise, look out for it on my YouTube Channel

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