New, Taller 16:12 Aspect Ratio In Development

John 16:12 “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.”

Dr. Zoltan, creator of the failed syndicated radio show, “Why Are You Asking Me?” has announced that he is developing a new, taller, better video aspect ratio known as 16:12.

“It is better because it is taller than 16:9,” said Dr. Øbelisk, from his top-secret laboratory that orbits the moon.

It is a revolutionary change that will mean more storytelling power for blockbuster directors. Filmmaker Peter Jackson has already planned to shoot both of his upcoming Hobbit feature films using specially-modified prototype cameras, allowing more breathtaking views of epic landscapes and mythical battles.

Some skeptics point out that this discovery will require overhauling every movie theater in the world, raising not only their roofs but ticket prices.

Jeff Blake, President of Sony Pictures, in an interview at USC Film School last week, remarked: “Moviegoers are not ready for movies that are taller. Hell, we only made them wider a few years ago. Why confuse everyone?” However, both Regal and AMC chains are already planning to modify up to 90% of their movie screens by 2011 to accommodate this newly discovered technology.

George Lucas has reportedly pre-ordered a dozen upgraded cameras for Industrial Light & Magic. “Imagine how the original Star Wars Trilogy would look in this new, expanded aspect ratio. Wow.”

For more information on 16:12, visit Dr. Zoltan’s website.

4 thoughts on “New, Taller 16:12 Aspect Ratio In Development

  1. Some one is not reducing to their lowest common Denominator (On purpose).
    I always wonderd why wide screen computer monitors come in 16:10 format instead of 8:5?

    I think your idea is well rather special but still 2 dimensional. When will we have monitors that display in the Z axis??? 16:12:9 How about that that way when one uses the Windows 7/Vista Aeros window switcher the windows will literally pop out and hit the careless human in the face!! That is if one is careless in the Z axis!!

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